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Back Issues / In Memoriam: Joe Frazier

A double posting today for Joe Frazier, 1944 – 2011

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Queen of Soul sings national anthem at the ALCS

article at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Harlem Honey and Bears

Even though there are just a few precious Summer days left before school starts again, everybody is looking for ways to beat the heat. But the Harlem Honey and Bears Swim Team know the best method is at the pool. … Continue reading

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Harlem Globetrotters in Super 8mm

Vintage film from YouTube user AZDigitalTransfers01 Fact: the Harlem Globetrotters actually originated outside of Chicago in the late 1920s. Harry’s perspective will differ, but I was first introduced to them via the cartoons in the early 80′s and was surprised … Continue reading

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Kevin Durant at Rucker Park

The sports media is still a-flutter over Kevin Durant’s performance at the famous Rucker Park Monday night. This article by Ryan Rudnansky helps keep in it perspective (“You get Durant into a street ball game, he’s going to school you.”) … Continue reading

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Recollections: Jimmy Williams

”I came from a great generation,” said Williams, his native southern drawl rich with charm. ”My generation had Jackie Robinson [the first black Major League baseballer] and Jesse Owens [hero of the 1936 Olympics]. We were a great generation … … Continue reading

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