Recollections: Jimmy Williams

”I came from a great generation,” said Williams, his native southern drawl rich with charm. ”My generation had Jackie Robinson [the first black Major League baseballer] and Jesse Owens [hero of the 1936 Olympics]. We were a great generation … we were people trying to prove ourselves. Mine was a generation of pride and Harlem, back then, was the capital of the world.”

From Sammy Davis, Sugar Ray and the golden years of Harlem: the making of Jimmy Williams

For more than 60 years, Jimmy Williams has been one of the most highly respected teachers of the sweet science. A professional dancer by trade, Williams was born in Florida, moved to New York, and returned to Florida, where he‘s been a Tampa resident for 39 years. Now 81 and still going strong, Williams is the man behind former world light-heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver, teaching Tarver the fundamentals of boxing going back to his amateur days. Some of the other fighters taught by Williams include Cornelius Boza Edwards, Brian Mitchell, and John “The Beast” Mugabi. Source

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