Recollections: Wells Restaurant

Wells restaurant had the best fried chicken and waffles I had ever tasted. My wife, daughter and mother lived over the restaurant at 2247 7th ave Apt.2B (now known as Adam Clayton Powell Blvd). At times it got quite noisy with people laughing and talking and live jazz music playing into the wee hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday nights when we were trying to sleep.  I guess we got used to it over the years.

The owner became good friends of me and my family. We would see him my wife and I called him Mr. Wells – showing respect to our landlord and age of the person (our southern up bringing!)

Chicken and waffles were the restaurant special, however they served other dishes too including a seafood platter which I exchanged sometimes with the chicken for shrimp and waffles.

I have fond memories of Well’s restaurant the owner, and the people of Harlem growing up as a young man in the 60′s.

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