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Other famous photographers who were also capturing images of Harlem at the same time as Harry:

  • Dawoud Bey, “Harlem, USA

“Harlem, USA” was first exhibited at the Studio Museum in 1979, and the photos were on display again earlier this year. They focus on the people that made up the community of Harlem. Mr. Bey maintains a blog here.


  • Camilo José Vergara, “Harlem 1970-2009″

Mr. Vergara’s photos are comprised more of street scenes. By returning and photographing the same areas often, he’s been able to document the changes in Harlem over time. The photos are compiled together in map format at the very interesting “Invincible Cities” project, and he shares some of his recollections in this Slate article.


  • Gordon Parks, “A  Harlem Family“, 1968

Gordon Parks did it all – photographer, author, director, composer, it goes on and on. He was the first black man to work for Life magazine, and it was during his time there that he followed the Fontenelle family in Harlem as they struggled with poverty. Some of that experience is shared here; a detailed bio and more of his work can be found here.


  • Alix Dejean

Alix Dejean has been shooting everybody from celebrities to drug kingpins to regular folk in Harlem through the last 30 years. He recounts many of his memories in this excellent article from the New York Times. You can visit Mr. Dejean’s website here.

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